History of Barnwell Farm

coffee plantaion

1890's - Coffee

Coffee was extensively grown throughout the Kuranda/Myola region in the early 1890's until frosts wiped out large numbers crops in the early 1900's. Robert William Warren purchased portions of the land at Barnwell in the 1890s and established a coffee plantation on the property which was named "Downtown Farm."


1930's - Tobacco

Growing of Tobacco in the region commenced in 1930 with Tobacco grower cooperatives established in Dimbulah and Mareeba.

Dairy Cattle

1940's - Dairy

Dairy cattle were bought to Barnwell by William Henry Barnwell in 1936 and by 1939 he had managed to successfully establish for a dairy farmer and was advertising for a dairy hand with remuneration of 25 shillings per week and keep. Dairy cattle remained on the property until some point following World War II.

cattle house

1970's - Cattle

It has been said that William Henry Barnwell was one of the earliest cattle farmers in the Myola and Kuranda areas to carry Droughtmaster cattle. He was well regarded as a 'cattle man' in the Myola area. Following the decline of the Dairy industry in the 1930's through to the 1970's Barnwell cleared the land for expansion of his cattle farming.


KUR-Cow Barnwell Farm

2018 - KUR-Cow Barnwell Farm

Opening to public in August 2018, Barnwell Farm now welcome visitors daily from all over the world. Offering its guests an interactive, Australia cattle experience with a little adventure thrown in also and exquisite cuisine (Be sure to try one of our steaks!)