Enjoy Unique Outdoor Family Activities in Queensland

If you're looking for an exciting outdoor getaway, but don't want to go camping, then Kur-Cow Barnwell Farm's offerings are for you. This farm and vacation spot is just six minutes from the rainforest town of Kuranda. Several family activities are available for you to enjoy. These are also excellent couple attractions.

The farm itself is open to guests, and you can see what it's like to raise Australian cattle in the modern age. Once you've done that, choose one of the riding options to check out the wilder areas of the property. You can take a guided tour on horseback, or if you'd prefer a mechanical steed, take the ATV tour instead. A combo tour lets you ride both horses and ATVs for a half hour each.

With the horse-only or ATV-only options, you can choose to add a hamburger lunch or an Angus steak lunch to top off your half-hour ride. The combo tour replaces the eating time with an extra ride.

One of the best couple attractions on the farm property is the Wagyu Barbecue. This is a self-cooking experience, where you get to barbecue up to 300g (per person) of Wagyu beef yourself. To round out the meal, you'll get a glass of wine each, a side salad, sauces, and rice.

This option can be expanded with an ATV ride, where you're taken on a guided tour to muster the cattle at sunset and explore the beautiful farm.

To book an outing, just call Kur-Cow Barnwell Farm!

Family Activities