Don't Settle for Boring ATV Tours near Kuranda

Even though the idea of an ATV tour implies being off the road, not all tours are all that interesting. If the operator only has property that has been graded into a course of hills and valleys, it doesn't take long to get bored. This is because such a course is unnatural and predictable. For the tour to be exciting, you have to be able to see natural sights and even other activities.

At Kur-Cow Barnwell Farm, your ATV tour will take you around the property of an active, working farm. If you take your tour at sunset, you can even be part of the nightly mustering-up of the farm's cows. At any time, you may see farmhands busy with their jobs, and get a look at plenty of the property's wildlife.

Kur-Cow Barnwell Farm also offers guided horseback riding tours. With guided tours, you can be sure to see the most interesting parts of the property. You also won't have to worry about getting lost or suffering a mishap with a guide as part of your group.

Both types of tours are suitable for people of almost all ages. Only the youngest children have to wait until they're older or bigger, and with the ATV tours, young children can ride in the sidecar of a suitably equipped vehicle.

Horseback riding and ATV tours can both be combined with other options to make your visit to Kur-Cow Barnwell Farms even more special. Enjoy a hamburger or Angus steak after your ride for a reasonable extra fee, and leave with a full belly and the lingering rush of excitement from the ride. Alternatively, take an ATV tour after a Wagyu barbecue experience and help round up the cows for the night while you ride.

If you'd rather skip the meal and ride some more, that's a possibility as well. Combo ATV and horseback riding tours replace the lunch with a ride.

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